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North Atlantic offers its services efficiently from the time this is requested in one of our offices, carrying out continuous monitoring of its cargo or vehicle until the delivery to our clients in their countries of origin.

Ocean Carrier of Vehicles and Cargo

Once consolidated the vehicles and / or cargo in containers, these are sent to the port where the containers are shipped on the boat, to be sent to its destination country.


The shipping process of vehicles is carried out as follows:

If the vehicle is purchased at an auction, the client sends the pickup request of it to the Department of Cranes, ndicating the batch number, vehicle description (brand-model-year), auction and buyer number. Received that document, our Department makes the pickup orders, and send the list of the vehicles to collect to the assigned gruero, according to the location where the auction is, to subsequently deliver the vehicles picked up and the titles of them in our offices.

If the vehicle is taken directly by the client to our facilities, the process to follow is the same as if the vehicle is in the properties of North Atlantic.

When the vehicle enters, one of our employees makes the inspection and takes pictures to check the condition of the vehicle upon receipt at our facilities, afterwards these vehicles are transferred to a to- do list to be approved in the destination country, where our staff communicates with the client to authorize the shipment of the vehicle.

Once authorized the shipment by the client, the Customs process is carried out which may take 2 to 3 business days. With the vehicle title approved by the customs office, it is transferred to a list of approved, to be loaded in containers that go with their respective seals, and transported to the shipping companies, where they are finally shipped to the destination country.

Land Transportation – Tow Trucks
This service is provided wuthin the United States and Canada, and is usually for clients who buy their vehicle in different 
auctions and require it to be picked up and taken to our facilities.

Also for clients that, for different reasons, are unable to take their vehicle to our properties.

Air Transport
We have the most complete Air Transport Service, with Commercial Air Cargo and Courier from the United States, Asia 
and Europe.

Commercial Air Cargo: It is the shipment of goods in export and import mode. We offer customs procedures at origin, personalized attention, 24/7 follow-up.

* We consolidate your cargo in our warehouses in Miami
* We collect throughout the United States
* Partial or complete shipments of your merchandise
* Handling dangerous cargo and heavy merchandise
* Accredited by IATA


Courier Service: It is the sending of documents or packages of a limited size and / or weight, which can be distributed nationally and internationally.

* Free locker in Miami

* Online tracking of your packages

Commercial Cargo - FCL and LCL

North Atlantic Ocean and Air Cargo Consolidators makes available its export and import services of commercial cargo, offering complete containers and consolidated service.

The client lists the value of maritime freight of the load, and if he wants to take it to our offices, we will provide a container in the property to organize his load within it, and must fill out all forms of cargo shipping in the office to make a Customs process.

If the client is unable to bear the cargo to our offices, it is necessary for him to give us the exact address of the location and the destination of it. To determine the type of equipment he needs, he must detail the type of load he wants to move, the way of packaging and number of pieces.

Any shipment must be supported by its invoices and complete information from the exporter and importer. At the arriving of the cargo to its destination, the notification, with all the details concerning to the load and the exact location of the documents to the respective customs procedures, will be sent.

For more information you can contact:

☎ 786 - 2337020

📧 pricing@naocean.com
BreakBulk Cargo Service

This service refers to the oversized cargo that goes out of containers, such as boats, heads, trucks, cranes, forklifts, compactors, steamrollers, among others. And it is oriented to any market, not only the Central American.

We have weekly shipping, port to port service, pickups within the United States, and we make the validation of documentation and equipment in the US customs. The client only has to give us the measurements and the model equipment for us to list.

For more information you can contact:

☎ 786 - 2337020

📧 pricing@naocean.com
Consolidation and Deconsolidation of Cargo
This service consists of grouping cargo from different customers in the same container and later emptying it in the 
destination country destined for one or more consignees.
Cut Off Vehicle

This service is provided for customers who require only some parts or pieces of the vehicle. The client buys a vehicle (s) and we take care of cutting it and shipping it to the destination of the requested parts.