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New Castle, Delaware

Initially, the office was founded in 2001. It started as a small office in Trenton, New Jersey, with a strong need to provide excellent service to our Central and South Americans partners.

In less than six months, our clients had grown so much that we had the need to open another office in Delaware and in the same way, we saw the importance of opening offices in Central America in order to provide a more personalized and efficient service. That is how from this, the opening of the first office in Central America begins, specifically in Costa Rica, and then in Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala.

We have been growing in order to provide a better service every day on both, a professional and a personal level, we have expanded our coverage in the United States in order to give our clients more options to buy in different auctions of the country and not only to limit them to a specific area.

For many years, our deepest values have ruled the way we treat our clients, employees and society in general, that is why we are known for providing transparency in our operations, integrity and compliance.

When is time to embark to North Atlantic, you must call.

For sending vehicles to Central America from the state of Delaware, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Original title of the vehicle and its respective purchase invoice.
  • The EIN number of the shipper.
  • Power Attorney notarized and identification of the shipper.
  • The title must be always endorsed on behalf of the sender of the vehicle, i.e., the same name of the person who signs the Power of Attorney.

In addition to the requirements of customs, in the Delaware Office, every client must fill out and sign the following forms:

  • Vehicle receipt form (Who sends and who receives in the destination country).
  • Cargo form (if the vehicle is carrying a load)
  • Form 2015-03 detail of prohibited items.
  • North Atlantic Policies.

Besides the above forms, if the client takes cargo inside the container, he must complete and sign the Form Cargo in Containers.


  • If the client buys a vehicle in a different place to an auction and this is in Central America, the client must provide the Social Security number or ITIN of a person who resides in USA to get the EIN required by customs, or the dealer's EIN number where the vehicle was purchased.
  • If the client who resides in Central America made the purchase of a vehicle being in the USA, he must introduce a photocopy of the passport where the visa, entry and departure stamps could be verified. (Only in this case the EIN is not necessary). But it is necessary that the date on the purchase invoice of the vehicle matches with both, the arrival and departure date that is in the passport of the client.




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