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  • Los Angeles, California

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  • Houston, Texas

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  • Pompano Beach, Florida

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  • New Castle, Delaware

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Los Angeles, California

This office was created by the need of a genuine supplier oceann carrier service with quality that would supply and guide the requirements of Central Americans living in the area and at the time in the South American region.

The cargo transportation services, vehicles and rent of containers, have been addressed to individual clients and to businessmen in the region using the best shipping organizations in the world.

Our principles as a company are ruled by the following aspects:

  • The understanding of the culture in the region
  • A range of unique services
  • Constant communication to final shipmet
  • Transparency in our operations
  • Fast service, integral and effective
  • High level of quality service
  • Reliable operations
  • Competitive prices
  • Personalized service, security and guarantee
  • We valorized our clients’ belongings
  • We provide a source of employment in our countries
  • We guarantee a fair price

We give back to society our part cooperating with government and nonprofit organizations that support in case of natural disasters in our regions. We are safety and efficacy suppliers, and we have a chain of offices in the countries we operate.

North Atlantic also provides crane services for those clients who, in one way or another, can not move to our facilities or if the vehicle is not roadworthy, this service is provided from the states of Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and California. A new alternative with the same philosophy '' Our clients are forever"

When it is time to embark to North Atlantic, you must call.

For sending vehicles to Central America from California, you must meet the following requirements:

For the vehicle, the client has to fill out the required forms, and show the title, invoice of the vehicle and Power of Attorney.

  • Shipping instructions (Shipper and Consignee)
  • Banned items
  • North Atlantic Policy
  • If the the vehicle is loaded, the client also has to sign the load instruction within the vehicle.

For cargo, brand new or second-hand, the client must show the invoice and a detailed list of all the cargo that he will be sending.


235 W. 140TH ST.


PHONE: (786) 275-5336