Welcome to North Atlantic Group

Quality Policy

The group of collaborators of North Atlantic Ocean and Air Cargo Consolidators, company engaged to the transportation of vehicles and loading, takes on the permanent commitment towards a service with quality, considering different fields of work such as:

  • Continuous improvement, based on the search for new strategies that enable an innovative way to continue on the path to excellence, providing feedback from the clients reviews who may have different communication channels.
  • High level in service and client satisfaction, offering reliable, varied and frequent transportation service, committing to the inspection and traceability of all our shipments.
  • Suitable staff, with the best training that qualifies them to carry out all required operations, in favor of achieving the strategic objectives that are drawn up from the top management, keeping global quality standards in the processes to offer the best service.
  • Monitoring processes and support of top management, that are evidenced by the investment of the best software developments which allow us to have cutting edge technology at the level of information in each of our work areas, as well as the support in all processes to evaluate the periodic results and decision-making as a company.

To be a leading company in North America forces us to have a special commitment with our clients which are valuable for us, that is why we are committed to provide exceptional service, involving shipments to their final destination as quickly as possible and guarantee of the cargo care during transportation to its destination.

“Efficiency is our creed and speed is our motto”